Statement Ceilings


In the past, we’ve discussed statement walls, but let’s turn our heads to an element of design that doesn’t often get the attention it deserves: ceilings.

AKDO’s Silver Silk Textile Glass. Photo by Marco Ricca

With ceilings taking up quite a bit of real estate in both residential and commercial settings, they present the perfect opportunity to add major drama. Whether you’re looking to turn a bathroom into a luxurious oasis, or add some “wow factor” to a foyer or bar, there’s a sky-high pattern that can help you create your dream space.

AKDO’s Silver Silk Textile Glass. Photo by Marco Ricca

While tiling a ceiling may seem intimidating to some, it is also worth noting that the material can provide structural benefits as well as aesthetic appeal. For example, tiles can fortify ceilings, cover unsightly plaster, and even help prevent a buildup of moisture when installing a steam shower in a bathroom. We’re not sure about you, but we love when good design equates to high functionality as well.

Keep scrolling to see some examples of our favorite statement ceilings, and shop our mosaics here.

Image via Blueprint by Margaret Wolf/Janet Gridley

Image via Next Luxury

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Image via Dering Hall





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