AKDO is a company built on a foundation of love, family and dedication. Over 30 years ago, our CEO, Hakki Akbulak was looking for a way to stay connected with his brother, who at the time, was an ocean apart in Turkey. The pair decided that by founding a business together, they would remain connected in every aspect of their lives on a daily basis. As a natural born entrepreneur, Hakki asked himself, “what does Turkey have that America needs?” The answer, in short, was this: beautiful, abundant, natural stone.

As a result, AKDO was born, along with our “brother company” Silkar, a joint enterprise that today is comprised of multiple quarries, factories, ateliers, and a vast distribution network in the luxury tile and stone markets. The AKDO Family is much larger than it once was, and includes a group of passionate and caring employees, suppliers, dealers, consultants and customers.


With exclusive rights to numerous quarries and our own production, we are in a unique position to control the quality of our product down to the last detail. Through our factory, we offer both comprehensive technical support and a highly trained staff of professional architects who are ready to help you with even the most challenging building requirements.

Additionally, our manufacturing standards go far beyond just aesthetics; careful attention is paid to environmentally responsible production, and Silkar’s factories are considered to be some of the best in the world. The factories have strict quality control, ensuring each product meets our customer’s expectations. Finally, all of our offerings are designed with beauty in mind, and are handmade by highly trained artisans. This is what we like to call “The AKDO Advantage.”


Through an ongoing commitment to the high standards for quality and service on which we were founded, AKDO has grown to become one of America’s most renowned brands of luxury tile and stone. Our business segments go consist of:

  • AKDO Retail Showrooms – In addition to our Connecticut and California Showrooms, AKDO opened its first retail Showroom in 2016. It is located in New York’s famed Flatiron District, the city’s design hub.
  • AKDO Authorized Dealers – Our nationwide partners have helped shape AKDO into the company we are today. Our dedicated network of Dealers are devoted to providing customers with the best possible service and quality, so that they can make their dream projects a reality with AKDO’s portfolio of premier tile and stone products.
  • Commercial – From hotels to high-rises, AKDO is consistently pushing boundaries in order to provide the best solutions for your commercial projects. As a brand, we know there is a lot you need to get the job done. That’s why we offer products that are not only design-making, but also provide the answers to your architectural needs.