Create beautiful spaces with high-quality, luxurious and customizable carpet designed to complement your aesthetic.


Whether you are altering an existing AKDO carpet design to make it perfect for your space, or sending us a completely customized concept, we bring your ideas to life. With endless customization options, from size, colors, shape, technique and material, you are given the creative freedom to design a uniquely captivating environment.


We offer the highest level of customer service to ensure your carpet meets you needs, aesthetically and economically. Bring us your inspiration and AKDO will help you select the perfect colors, materials, and carpet style to suit your needs.


Hand-tufted rugs are created with a tool called a tufting gun. It runs threads of wool, silk, bamboo silk, or Tencel through a fabric backing, changing color and material as specified. With hand-tufted quality, many different textures are possible. The carpet can then be groomed into different depths and produced in any size and shape.


Hand knotted is the most labor-intensive rug-making technique. Thousands of knots are tied one over the other by highly trained weavers to create intricate patterns. The fine craftsmanship used to create hand knotted rugs result in a high quality, resilient and exquisitely beautiful carpet.


Vintage patchwork carpets are flat-woven and made from recycled fabrics or antique rugs. They can be dyed in whatever tone you like, and the technique used to create them allows for stunning patterns. Throughout the patchwork carpet production process, all carpets and flatweaves used as raw material are salvaged, hand-made, and made out of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, hemp and goats’ hair. All of the substances used in the production process are environmentally friendly.


Broadloom carpets are typically installed wall-to-wall and offer many benefits including durability, strength, flexibility, ease of maintenance, and sound absorption. Categories of Broadloom include Axminster and Wilton Wire.

Axminster carpets are made by individually weaving each piece of pile yarn, cutting them into tufts and holding them in place by the weft.  This technique allows for complex, multi-color patterns to be made.

Wilton Wire is a constructed with a single continuous thread. Once the carpet is woven, the pile can be left in loops, the loops can be cut, or a pattern can be created with a combination of the two textures.