Elevating Your Space: A Guide to Using Marble Base Trim


During the design process of an interior space, considerations for even the most minute details often take an interior from modest to miraculous. There are certainly many characteristics of a space that contribute to the overall design; however, baseboards are often overlooked as a design choice to make an impression. If your design goals are to achieve timeless elegance that integrates effortlessly into the rest of the room, marble baseboards offer a clean, tailored finish.

Marble has been a renowned material treasured for its sophistication and understated glamour for ages. It’s a durable and timeless material that is found in many historic buildings and today, can also be found utilized in modern buildings. Along with its timelessness, let’s uncover why incorporating stone baseboards should be a priority in your next renovation:

Why should you consider marble baseboards?

Durability – Marble base moldings don’t see high traffic like floors or counters, so staining, scratching, or wear isn’t much of a concern. With regular cleaning, baseboards are a great choice to add stone to a design for that elevated feel without the worry of the everyday wear that a wood base may sustain. Marble can last up to 100 years, so while an investment, with proper care and maintenance, it is a material choice that has a long lifespan.

Pairs with many materials – The versatility of marble allows it to seamlessly pair with a wide range of design styles and materials, making it a popular choice among interior designers, homeowners, and architects.

The perfect touch of luxury – Whether you choose to pair with a marble field tile wall or floor, or use solely on its own, a marble base is a brilliant way to link rooms, while adding visual interest and cohesion. Not only have we seen a marble base used to link a floor and a wall, but a popular trend that we will continue to see in 2024, is using a marble base to trim interior door or window frame – a finishing touch that surely adds character to a space.

Offered in versatile bright marbles, AKDO carries 12” base molding in:



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