In person Slab Viewing – Our Slab Gallery offers unique slabs to suit a multitude of projects, and AKDO’s in-house specialists are always available to aid in the selection process. To ensure visitors have the most seamless experience possible, we recommend you follow our guide to in person slab viewing and bring your required slab sizes, as well as any material you are trying to match, such as paint swatches or cabinet colors. Our associates will then escort you through our 40,000-square foot indoor slab gallery, and walk you through the process of choosing the best slab for your individual design.

Remote Slab Viewing – AKDO’s unique Remote Slab Viewing program makes the process of selecting a slab for your project more seamless than ever. We recommend you follow our guide to remote slab viewing, which describes how you will have a personal, one-on-one remote video conference with an AKDO Sales Associate, you will explore various options with expert guidance to ensure you select the best slab for your project and design aesthetic.

Purpose of Visit*: Slab Tile/Showroom Closeout

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