Mid-Century Modern with the MC Hotel


Mid-Century Modern style has been on the rise for the past decade in the design world and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Take note from the ALTO bar at the MC Hotel in Montclair, NJ. Located in the heart of Montclair’s thriving artistic community, the ALTO bar at the MC Hotel exudes nostalgia in its mid-century modern design, transporting the masses back in time in a cool, contemporary way.

ALTO Bar at the MC Hotel Montclair New Jersey Mid Century Modern

ALTO Bar at the MC Hotel (Montclair, NJ)


The use of natural elements, specifically wood, is the most common way to achieve a mid-century style design. As most spaces unfortunately aren’t all blessed with original hardwood, an attainable solution would be using AKDO’s wood look porcelain tile. With the walnut hues of Mansion Library wood look porcelain, the MC Hotel was able to convey a mid-century vibe with the durability, and easy maintenance of porcelain – withstanding the traffic and natural messes a bar generally encounters.

Achieve the look with wood look porcelain by AKDO:

Color Palette

In addition to wood flooring, color is another distinction to mid-century style. The colors mainly used in mid-century modern design are mostly warm and earthy, accented by muted jewel tones. The ALTO bar perfectly demonstrates the use of MCM color, by combining an earthy color palette with graphic pops of chartreuse. Brown tones – in the form of the wood look flooring as well as booth tables – dilutes the vibrancy of the bright yellow-green textiles found in the window treatments and on the seating arrangements.

ALTO Bar at the MC Hotel

Beyond flooring and textiles, the use of a mid-century style color palette can also be exhibited through accented wall tile or with carpet.

Achieve the look with AKDO Carpet:

Graphic Prints 

A main focal point behind the ALTO bar is the use of retro-patterned wallpaper on an accent wall. Most mid-century designers opt to using geometric shapes to create bold, minimalist compositions. It is common in mid-century design to see the use simple geometric shapes in the form of circles, squares, triangles and even hexagons in a repetitive manner, creating the clean lines that is most defining of MCM style.

AKDO’s Immersion Collection by Jeffrey Beers is a perfect way to use tile on an accent wall to mimic geometry used in mid-century modern design.

Achieve the look:

Brass Accents

Another mid-century modern design element at the MC Hotel bar, ALTO, are the brass accents found throughout the room. The use of brass with the lighting fixtures and also on the furniture elevates the room and compliments the dark tones of the walls and ceiling.

Achieve the look with the geometric patterns and added gold accents from these AKDO mosaics:

All in all, mid-century modern design is a long-term trend that can easily incorporate into any commercial space. Whether you prefer tying in some elements, or going full-on Don Draper, AKDO has the offerings to help you reach your mid-century style vision.


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