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Color Infused Kitchen


Bold color is showing up more in interior design, even in permanent design choices like tile. Therefore when this image featuring AKDO’s Essence Whimsy popped up in our Instagram feed, we had to know more about the project and reached out to Ashleigh Clark from Ashleigh Clark Interior Design to find out how the room came together.

Ashleigh Clark Interior Design

Located in Strongsville, Ohio, the firm is known for their crisp, bold, and colorful designs. Ashleigh was tasked with updating the kitchen of a trusting Avon, Ohio resident whom she has worked with for over 10 years. “When someone incorporates bold colors, it gives personality to the space and speaks a lot about who lives there,” Ashleigh stated.

Having already designed the foyer, dining, and sitting room of the home years back, Ashleigh wanted to bring the bold tones from the front of the home into the kitchen. This is where the inspiration for integrating the vibrant emerald green colorway derived from.

Ashleigh Clark Interior Design

“The green range started the entire design,” stated Ashleigh. Searching for complimenting products led her to AKDO’s Essence line, which had the perfect verdant shades in a pattern the homeowner fell in love with. Black cabinets, window frames, and hood were incorporated into the design to play against the white and green found in the Essence Whimsy tile. Looking to add functionality to the space without sacrificing the overall aesthetic, floating shelves were installed with recessed lighting to highlight the shimmer found in the glass mosaic.

Ashleigh Clark Interior Design

The end result is a room that showcases the homeowner’s personality and creates a vibrant design statement.

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