AKDO’s Motion Collection: An Architectural Solution


While AKDO offers many beautiful and unique stone products in its product portfolio, there is one new product, Motion, that stands out as an inimitable architectural solution. Motion is an innovative stone covering product that is both lightweight and flexible, and made entirely of slate.

Motion Moss Small

Motion Moss

It is made by lifting thin layers of slate off a slab with a piece of fabric, resulting in an incredibly thin sheet of stone that measures 4” x 8”. But, what’s so amazing about this wall covering product is that it can be applied to virtually any indoor surface, no matter the shape. Unlike typical slate or large format stone tiles, Motion’s thin and flexible nature allows it to be easily bent around columns, or be applied to ceilings, and even cabinets without demolition.

Motion Grey Shimmer small

Motion Magma

Motion Grey Shimmer 2 Small

Motion Magma wrapped around a column

And, because each sheet is so light, it’s also incredibly easy to transport and install. With Motion, it’s finally possible to create amazing design in short periods of time, so that you can move onto your next project. Motion may be a product that requires minimum effort, but it certainly does produce maximum design impact.

Learn more and see Motion in action here!


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