Passage: Take A Design Journey


Encaustic-look tile has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, but these innately artistic surface coverings are not new to design. For centuries around the world, encaustic cement tile has been favored for its ornate, upscale look. To celebrate the Passage Collection, AKDO’s first foray into encaustic-inspired tile, let’s take a journey through the history of this decorative favorite.

Passage Blue Small

AKDO’s Passage Modernista in Blue

During Medieval times, and throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Central America, they were often a choice way to decorate Churches, Mosques, and even the homes of the rich, often borrowing motifs from Moorish history.

Moorish patterned encaustic tile in a Moroccan courtyard. Click the image for credits.

Flash forward a few hundred years to the Victorian era; the tiles saw a resurgence in popularity, becoming a common pick for hotels, restaurants, and the homes of aristocrats across Europe, Britain and the United States.

Selection of 19th Century Encaustic Tile from Europe. Click the image for credits.

19th Century Encaustic tile in Parisian Apartment. Click the image for credits.

Over the past few years, these patterned tiles have been experiencing yet another renaissance, but this time, fresher design offerings make them more current, ensuring they transcend time and trends. For example, AKDO’s Passage Collection provides a modernized take on traditional encaustic patterns, and is made of porcelain to ensure the highest possible performance so that they last for years to come. Passage has a more streamlined and fluid look, making it perfect for use in a variety of spaces; from restaurants to bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, and even as feature walls throughout the home.

Passage White Small

AKDO’s Passage Revival in White

So, whether you’ve spotted these distinctly patterned tiles in your favorite local café, or in a centuries-old building somewhere far away, the boldly artistic appeal of encaustic and patterned tile remains the same.

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