Case Studies

Mount Sinai – Union Square


Located in New York City, Mount Sinai is one of the nation’s largest and most respected hospitals, acclaimed internationally for their excellence in clinical care. The lobby entrance at Mount Sinai’s Union Square location was in need of an interior upgrade. Having worked with Studio A + T Architects, a NYC based architectural firm specializing in healthcare design, for prior projects, Mount Sinai knew they would be the perfect fit for the project.

Studio A + T came to AKDO looking for a wall tile that not only evoked a clean and minimalistic appearance but also added depth and texture. AKDO’s Mark Gypsum 3D Brick porcelain mosaic offered a hard-to-beat hygienic factor, easy maintenance, and extreme durability, providing the critical care Mount Sinai required. Covering the entire surface of the lobby wall, the metropolitan charm of our 3D mosaic complemented the rich and lively ambience of the city.

Studio A + T strategically placed the overhead lighting in a way that emphasized the dimensional characteristics of the mosaic by staggering the placement, creating a play on shadows. AKDO’s Mark Gypsum 3D Brick continues to be a master specification in Mount Sinai locations across New York as it adds a minimalist, textural appearance the healthcare industry desires.


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