You’re sure to meet your match in AKDO’s versatile selection of natural stone slabs, all of which are perfect for both bathroom and kitchen countertops.


After over two decades of designing, manufacturing and quarrying superior quality natural stone products in the United States, AKDO is thrilled to announce the launch of new Quartz Slabs. Manufactured in Europe using a mixture of premium crushed stone, resin and vegetable oil, our Quartz Slabs exude the same beauty and quality that our clientele has come to expect of our natural stone. The range of slabs even boasts elegant, lifelike veining that has the ability to complement a wide range of interior styles and designs.


As a stone, Quartzite is hard in nature and boasts superior resistance to damage from daily wear and chemicals. Quartzite has soft, dreamy coloring and veining in a wide variety of hues including cream, gray, green and blue. Their delicate movement and superior strength make them quite desirable for both countertops and backsplashes.


Dense, interlocking crystalized minerals give the ever-desirable Marble its crisp, multifaceted appearance. The stone offers a wide diversity of colors to choose from, including rich browns and bright whites, and is known for its elegant veining. From bathroom and kitchen countertops to floorings and facades, marble is sure to give any project a luxe upgrade.


Known for its characteristic speckled movement, Granite is a naturally dense and hard stone, with high resistance to heat and wear. Available in a wide range of colors, the stone’s density allows for a multitude of finishes, a duality that lends well to creating bespoke spaces, whether indoors and outdoors.


Formed in the depths of the ocean, Limestone boasts a unique, natural beauty and often encapsulates fossils of marine life. Available in a range of earthy neutral hues, this stone is an ideal complement to monochromatic and streamlined looks. Use it to create striking vanity tops, floors, countertops, wall cladding, and even three-dimensional designs.


Onyx is considered a semiprecious stone, and therefore, has a striking gemlike appearance with bands of color running throughout. The stone is often translucent, and can be used to create backlit, dramatic focal points and countertops.


Because it is non-porous, Soapstone boasts a stain resistance superior to that of other stones. It is often selected for its striking muted gray tones that can sometimes have casts of blue or green. Impervious to water and chemicals, it is an ideal choice for laboratories, kitchen countertops and wet areas.