Design spaces for enduring success; AKDO offers a variety of problem-solving products ranging from large format materials that deliver a clean, expansive feel, to architectural solutions that provide efficient ways to achieve the look of high-end installations, for less.


Large format natural stone and porcelain tiles have become increasingly prevalent in both commercial and residential applications. Large expanses of material not only look aesthetically pleasing; they also boast much simpler maintenance due to a smaller number of grout joints present. AKDO offers a variety of large format products for a multitude of looks; Wide porcelain creates a modern, spacious look, while Mark offers a more tailored, warm approach to large tiles. If it’s a budget-conscious version of a classic you’re after, Renaissance porcelain creates the same emotional statement as marble, while boasting easy maintenance.


AKDO strives to push the envelope with innovative manufacturing techniques in order to bring unique architectural solutions to commercial spaces, while maintain design-appeal. For an expansive look and minimal maintenance, the Wide line offers large format porcelain tiles, perfect for use in high-traffic areas.


Sometimes, simple is best, yet AKDO believes simplicity should not equate to a lack of style. Streamlined shapes and new-neutrals are just one way to maintain an inimitable look while keeping it timeless, modern, and low-maintenance. Just one look at our striking array of stone mosaics, or beautiful glass tiles will have you convinced.