Jewel-Box Interiors


As we segue into the cooler months, an onset of jewel-tones and multifaceted, tactile kitchens and bathrooms also make itself present in the design world. Among the most popular of hues are Sapphire and Emerald, and according to our friends at House Beautiful, these rich, yet classic color will be relied on to add a touch of tailored glamour to even the most unexpected of places.

The Immersion Collection by Jeffrey Beers; Crystallite Voyage Blue glass mosaic

Go for an added dose of dimensional, diamond-like depth by using the metallic Crystallite mosaic in Voyage Blue from the Immersion Collection by Jeffrey Beers as the focal point of any room. 

The Essence Collection by Young Huh; Harmony Emerald stone and waterjet glass mosaic

Harken the regality of the ever-luxurious Emerald in interiors with the Essence Collection by Young Huh. As Young notes, “Emerald is a colorway that I really wanted to bring to the collection. It’s very fresh, vibrant – I think it’s very modern and I think it’s a color that makes people really happy and energizes a space. So, imagine this in a bathroom where you want a touch of vibrancy, but still maintain balance with very clean stone and lines.”

Which room in your home or project do you envision benefitting from these jewel-toned pieces?


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