Case Studies

Ella T. Grasso High School


Ella T. Grasso Southeastern Technical High School, located in Groton, CT, serves up to 800 students in selected trades. Architecture and interior design company, Moser Pilon Nelson, took the lead as head architect for the 226,000 square foot facility.


Moser Pilon Nelson selected a cleft quartzite look tile. Needing to use a large amount of tile to cover the floor and not wanting to dull the design, different tile sizes and various natural colorways were installed in a random design. This creates an energetic feeling to the building, perfect for awakening the minds of the students as they move through the common areas. The stone-look porcelain tile’s colors complimented the otherwise monochromatic theme of the building and blended with the porcelain used on the wall, making it a perfect fit.

Aside from the look of the tile, Moser Pilon Nelson considered the potential for extra wear and tear in a trade school, was drawn to the extreme durability inherent in porcelain. Highly resistant to stains, scratches and moisture, porcelain was the ideal choice for the highest traffic areas. View our stone-look porcelain lines, here.



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