Elevate Your Morning Routine with a Knockout Walk-In Shower


One of the main focal points of the bathroom, the shower is a significant environment to our daily routines and is often where we spend time to energize our mornings, as well as wash away a long day at night. When choosing a tile to use on the shower, it is important to consider how you would like to set the tone of the room, as well as the personality of the area.

Ahead, get inspired by 10 of AKDO’s favorite walk-in shower spaces.

Wish Crave Torrent (H/P)

This luxe shower situation features a marble stone mosaic in a moody charcoal hue, proving that a monochromatic look can be anything but boring. By incorporating a mix of finishes, this feature wall captures the light differently, adding dimension with visual allure.

Perspective Pivot Carrara Bella (H) w/ Dove Gray (C), Design and Photo: Meddock Interiors

Give an illusion of depth by using a geometric mosaic tile as an accent wall in the shower. Going graphic creates an instant focal point in the bathroom, creating a captivating layer with a punch of visual impact.

Passage Evolution White, Design: Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas, Photo: Tim Tiebout

Mix a subtle patterned tile with the spa-mood of an all-white bathroom for a new take on the neutral trend. This encaustic-inspired porcelain tile offers a modern feel in a low-maintenance medium, perfect for the high-moisture environment of a shower.

Tip: Because porcelain is such a dense material, it is impervious to water and does not hold onto any moisture, therefore no need to worry about mold or mildew when installing this tile in the shower.

Origin 10 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ Birch White (M), Design: Rachael Michutka, NV Design, Photo: Paige Davis, NV Design

Spice up the everlasting white subway tile trend by using a herringbone placement in lieu of the classic ½ offset. Alternating the tile at a 45-degree angle in a V shape evokes a classic elegance that is subtle yet impactful, creating a serene resort-like oasis.

Sublime Bouquet Azurite w/ Talc and Ink Artglass (G), Design and Photo: @nessielikethemonstah

Embrace a statement-making mosaic by creating a feature wall in a shower. Paired with a classic white subway tile, this bold tile is sure to steal the spotlight, creating a focal point that is unique as it is captivating.

Ivy Calacatta (H&P), Design: Carmit Oron, Photo: Vivian Johnson

Extend a bathroom backsplash into the shower to create an illusion of a larger space. The rich dark wood vanity beautifully showcases the dynamic grey-gold undertones of the calacatta marble, creating a transitional look that transcends time.

Origin 10 ½” x 2 1/2” Misty Gray (G), Design and Photo: Kristy Kay

When it comes to picking the perfect shower tile, ceramic is a classic and timeless design choice, guaranteed to stand the test of time in both durability and style. This shower mixes up the century old beloved subway tile trend, with a moody gray hue and herringbone pattern for a modern look.

Tip: It is important to not only consider material of the tile, but also the finish when envisioning your bathroom design. A glossy ceramic tile will help conceal hard water spots more efficiently than a matte finish, requiring less daily maintenance overall. 

Design: Basic Space, Photo: Steven Styles

A custom mosaic adds instant personality to the austere simplicity of this all-white bathroom. The use of fantastical color and intricate pattern serves as a piece of artwork on its own. Interested in bringing your design vision to life with a custom piece of your own? Contact us to inquire more about the limitless possibilities with AKDO’s Specialty and Custom projects here.

3” x 12” Icelandic Blue (Frosted), Design: Dana Koebbe, Photo: Tim Lenz

Glass tile is a great low maintenance solution for the shower, with its ease to clean as well as imperviousness to water and resistance to staining. The pale oceanic hues in Icelandic Blue glass paired with the modernity of a horizontal stack configuration adds the perfect dose of coastal-cool to this bathroom.

Tip: One of the easiest materials to clean, simply all you need for glass maintenance is window cleaner and a cloth to remove buildup of soap and scum. 

Essential Ceramic 4” x 12” Cloud (G), Penny Rounds Kodiak (G)

Add functionality with a tiled shower niche. A niche is the perfect opportunity to incorporate a fun pop of color, pattern, or texture to a bathroom, without overwhelming the eye.

Ready to start designing your shower? Explore AKDO’s many tile and mosaic offerings here.


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