Case Studies

Dice Kayek – Paris Showroom


Founded by Turkish sisters Ece and Ayşe Ege in 1992, Dice Kayek is a fashion house based in Paris. Inspired by their hometown of Istanbul, the designers create abstract yet wearable pieces that fit into the busy lifestyles of modern women. Using the finest fabrics – think satin, silk and the softest cashmere – the label creates a range of feminine dresses, skirts and separates that are both timeless and contemporary at once.

Dice Kayek Showroom

Looking to complement the clean and minimalistic aesthetic of the luxury brand, Dice Kayek wanted to create an extravagant experience for their guests. The large format paneling of Vize Pembe Marble backed with AKDOLAM’s 3D Fiberglass created a uniform backdrop to display their fashion-forward apparel. Mimicking the look of full-sized stone slabs but not requiring the heavy-duty support needed for thick stone material, AKDOLAM elevated the elegant appeal of the store while adding a contemporary, organic element.

Dice Kayek Showroom

The lightweight panels made for easy transportation and installation, minimizing cost and labor. With the ability to customize the stone, backing, size and pattern of their panels, Dice Kayek was given the creative freedom to design a uniquely captivating environment that fit their needs.


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