Create a one of a kind masterpiece, matching your unique style and taste with endless customization options.


AKDO can customize any of its wood products to match the customer’s budget, style and needs. From material, color, width, length, finish and pattern, the possibilities for customization are endless.


Our wood products are available in various materials from European White Oak, American Walnut and Canadian Maple to exotic wood species from South America and Africa. All of our wood products are sustainably harvested with FSC certification available upon request. For high traffic areas, Eucalyptus is an extremely durable, moisture resistant, and affordable option.


Create a pattern with your hardwood flooring to add a visual interest and texture. Classic patterns such as plank, chevron, parquet and herringbone create an attention-grabbing element in a space. For a more personalized approach, bring us your own pattern and we will bring your vision to life.


AKDO provides an unlimited assortment of wood color options, matching any colorway you can imagine. Different stain shades, colors and opacities are available to enhance the natural color and characteristics of the wood, creating a one of a kind masterpiece. Finish options are available in a variety of levels from smooth, textured and natural. Choose from:

Smooth (Glossy): Multiple coats of Polyurathane is applied to the surface of the wood to create a glossy look and durability.
Textured (Brushed): Maintains the texture of natural wood.
Natural (Matte): A natural oil finish is applied to the wood and put into a machine to seal the surface, offering greater protection which offers durability against stains and scratches.


Work with us to create the optimal sizes for your project by customizing the width, length, plank thickness and top layer thickness. Whether you desire the uniform look of a single-width plank or the aesthetic of a floor with randomly sized planks, the choice is yours.


The way the wood is cut determines the movement and amount of veining and graining displayed. Quarter sawn provides a more unique, contemporary, and linear grain pattern for a cleaner look. Plain sawn wood showcases the natural grain of the wood, making it more traditional and less expensive. Choose from:

Select: No knots or fillers are on the wood for a clean, modern look.
Natural: Occasional knots and fillers for a mix of modern and traditional.
Rustic: Knots and fillers are displayed throughout the wood providing a more rustic and traditional aesthetic.