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Beautifully Bold Blue Kitchen


Joe Dan Rogers, owner of JDR Enterprises, is the mastermind behind this attention-grabbing kitchen which was the winner of the 2020 My Home Improvement Kitchen & Bath Design award. “The inspiration for this entire home began with AKDO’s Essence Whimsy Sapphire,” Joe Dan stated.

Designer: Joe Dan Rogers, JDR Enterprises

Immediately drawn to the uniqueness of this tile, Joe Dan knew it would create a bold statement in the kitchen. With over 12 windows located within the kitchen, there is an abundance of natural light that reflects off the glass, adding depth and dimension to the space. “The right designer, a creative mind, and confidence are the keys to pulling off a bold design like this,” Joe Dan stated.

Designer: Joe Dan Rogers, JDR Enterprises

Essence Whimsy plays off the balance and symmetry in this oversized kitchen. Joe Dan was inspired by the subtle pattern of the mosaic, which he used to mimic the motion of waves to bring in touch of coastal appeal. The addition of rustic wood and black wrought iron were incorporated to reinforce an elevated beach cottage feel.

Designer: Joe Dan Rogers, JDR Enterprises

Designed with entertaining in mind, everything about the kitchen is clean with simple details, putting the main focus on the striking blue backsplash tile. JDR Enterprises embodies personality and style, with every design being eclectic and unique, a vision AKDO shares and what made the Essence Collection a perfect fit for his vision. We can’t wait to see what Joe Dan does with AKDO product in his next projects.


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