AKDO’s Official Autumn 2018 Color Trend Report


A change of season often signals a refresh – whether in interiors, fashion, or otherwise – and a new color palette is typically the best jumping-off point. Each Autumn, we see certain colors make their way back into the spotlight; from rich jewel-tones like sapphire and emerald, to berries and glistening metals. This year, Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report for Fall/Winter 2018 provided AKDO all the necessary inspiration for establishing an on-trend, yet timeless selection of products to ensure your interiors showcase the best in color, whether you choose a color-pop or a neutral hued surface. 1) Pantone 18-5025 Queztal Green: A deep elegant blue-green hue suggestive of rich plumage / Matches AKDO’s Lagoon

2) Pantone 14-4107 Quiet Gray: Unobtrusive and timeless soft gray / Matches AKDO’s Ash Gray

3) Pantone 14-1116 Almond Buff: Natural baby camel hue with understated appeal / Matches AKDO’s Faber Straw

4) Pantone 18-4048 Nebulas Blue: Reminiscent of twilight, a thoughtful, starry-eyed blue / Matches to AKDO’s Whimsy Sapphire 5) Pantone 16-1438 Meerkat: A highly adaptable toasty burnished brown / Matches AKDO’s Motion Copper

6) Pantone 11-4801 Tofu: Creamy white staple / Matches AKDO’s Ephesus Dune

7) Pantone 18-0625 Martini Olive: Smooth, sophisticated and urbane green adds depth / Matches to AKDO’s Kaya Azan Brown

8) Pantone 19-4031 Sargasso Sea: Boundless and fathomless blue mooring the palette / Matches to AKDO’s Etro Metal Blue

This group of rich blues, greens, browns and neutrals make playing with color simple. Which hue is your favorite?


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