Thank you for your interest in participating in our Spring Factory Outlet Sale! We have some great material at deeply discounted pricing for your projects. To ensure a smooth and seamless shopping experience, please read through the below policies and procedures.

Check In Process

Upon arriving to AKDO on the day of the sale, you will see check-in posters along the front of our showroom. Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone, and fill out the form you are directed to. This will place you in a virtual queue, securing your place in line to shop. We will call you once it is your turn to enter the warehouse.  Please note, only one check-in is required to “ship to” address. 

Policies & Procedures

• All slabs that are included in the sale are identified by balloons and a yellow price sign.
• Tiles and mosaics included in the sale are spread throughout the viewing area as well as in the loading area down the steps and will be marked with a label that indicates the part number, discounted price (in red) and size in sqft.
• Please note that slab purchases and tile purchases need to be separate transactions/orders. If you are planning to purchase both, request a second purchase order when entering the warehouse.
• As you identify selections, ask your designated sales associate to assist in getting a sales order started and reserving the material and square feet needed.
• If a sales associate is not available, please go to any of the sales support kiosks with the part number and price (ex: MB1130-M034T0 $7.99/sqft) on your purchase order. Please also know square footage needed.
• Repeat this process for all items you wish to purchase. It is important to order the material as soon as you identify you want it as quantities may be limited and sales are on a first come basis. If you change your mind, notify a sales support associate and they can remove from your order.
• Once your selections are complete, see your sales associate and they will take you to the Payment Coordinator that will assist in getting you to a Checker. The Payment Coordinator will also provide you with our feedback survey. We would like to hear your feedback to help make future sales better. The Checker will assist you in finalizing your order, checking to make sure it is accurate, arranging pick up or delivery and collecting payment.
• If you plan to take material with you, the Checker will ask for your cell phone number. We will use this number to contact you when your order is ready to pick up. The Checker will explain the time frame for having the order pulled and packed and where you will need to go to get it loaded into your vehicle. Balloons will be displayed in a designated pick-up area.

Any questions, please find an AKDO associate in a light or dark gray AKDO T-Shirt and they will be happy to assist. We are so happy to have had you join our sale!