Case Studies

160 Dikeman Street – Brooklyn, NY


160 Dikeman Street, Brooklyn, NY, is the home of an industrial building that is used for multiple businesses, from manufacturing to corporate offices. Architect firm, Design Innovations Architecture (DIA), designed a major renovation of the exterior of the building, using stone AKDOLAM panels and façade installation system.

Unlike traditional natural stone cladding, AKDOLAM is extremely lightweight, which reduced shipping costs and made the installation simpler compared to heavier stone slab options. Not only did installers benefit from the ease of handling lightweight panels, the façade system used was practical and straight-forward, as it is assembled via a mapped-out framing system with clips and fittings, including pre-cut custom pieces. The aluminum honeycomb backing of the panels were also a feature DIA found desirable, due to its enormous strength and high impact resistance – providing more strength than steel itself.

For this project, DIA reviewed the many choices in stone and finish options available in AKDOLAM, and chose to use Turkish Basalt. Its uniform color and texture achieved the monolithic look he envisioned for the building, conveying a feeling of strength and permanence. The stone also offers superior durability and withstands swings in temperature, perfect for the variable temperatures of NYC.


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